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About Us

Founded by Rosin Kaplan and Sasha Rose, Kitchen Ink Kids is based in Brooklyn, New York.    
    We have a simple vision: passion meets values. We care about our kids, we care about our fashion, we care about our planet. That's why we've created a line of hand tie-dyed organic children's apparel.
    Welcome to the slow fashion movement. We hand-dye each item at home in our kitchen, blending traditional tie-dye techniques with my own original styles. Using earth-toned and nature-inspired colors, Rosin mixes each dye by hand and creates each garment with love. Each kids tee, bib, and bodysuit is entirely unique and dyed to tell its own story. No two items will be perfectly alike!
    About our cotton: 
    We exclusively use Asheville Apparel’s Spiritex Cotton. This fabric is composed of 100% Organic Domestic Cotton. Everything, from the seed to the shirt, from the farm to the fabric is done right here in the United States. Our infant garments use only hypoallergenic & nickel free snap buttons. All of our garments are washed exclusively in all-natural hypoallergenic baby fabric wash.
    Coming Soon !
    Excited to introduce a small line of adult organic cotton tie dye apparel later on this year. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates! Links at bottom of page.